Nicola Sturgeon welcomes establishment of Jimmy Reid Foundation


Depute SNP Leader and Deputy First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon MSP has welcomed the establishment of the Jimmy Reid Foundation.

The foundation, which has been established to continue the legacy of the radical political thinking his life represented was launched yesterday on the first anniversary of the death of the trade union leader.

Ms Sturgeon, who represents the Govan area of Glasgow, welcomed the establishment of the new think tank and said:

“This new think tank is a fitting tribute to Jimmy Reid, who was a stalwart of left-of-centre politics in Scotland.

“The contribution Jimmy has made to Scotland’s public life over the last four decades has been huge. From the ‘work-in’ in the early 1970s’ to his contributions right up to his passing have made a profound impact.

“This new foundation in his memory will be aimed at continuing that legacy. The patrons of the foundation are of the highest calibre and I’m postive they will ensure that its work will contribute greatly to Scottish society in the years to come.”