No campaign seeks one million pounds as Labour, Tories and Lib Dems unite


The campaign against Scottish independence is to seek £1 million in a bid to keep Scotland in the Union.

Led by former Labour Chancellor Alastair Darling the campaign will be launched in the latter part of this month.

The No campaign will see the Labour MP join up with Tory Annabel Goldie and Lib Dem Charles Kennedy in an effort at fighting the recently launched Yes Scotland campaign.

It is believed the group will try to avoid using the word ‘No’ in its campaign literature.  

Speaking to the Scotsman newspaper, a source said: “We don’t know what the question is yet in the referendum, but we certainly won’t have No in the campaign logo. It will be something about the positive case and benefit for Scotland of being in the Union. Nothing definite has been decided, but it’s likely to emphasise partnership.

“Alistair Darling will chair it, but it will be less presidential than Alex Salmond’s role. He will be the lead figure, but he’ll also be one of three patrons of the campaign, along with Charles Kennedy and Annabel Goldie.”

This follows earlier claims that the anti-independence parties wanted to avoid the word Union, due to some negative connotations.

According to a source, the campaign will seek to portray positivity and partnership with regards to Scotland’s place in the Union.

The timing of the No campaign launch is expected to coincide with the appearance of First Minister Alex Salmond at the Leveson inquiry.  There is already growing speculation over what Mr Salmond may reveal.

The SNP responded to the news of the imminent launch of the No campaign by claiming it will be based on negativity and confusion.

SNP MSP for South Scotland, Paul Wheelhouse said: “If the anti-independence parties can’t even bring themselves to admit that theirs is a No campaign, it shows just how defensive and negative they are.

“This is completely inept.  The No side is the campaign that dare not speak its name – and is fated to be mired in confusion.

“And if reports that they are losing financial support on a daily basis are true, then it seems there are many others unconvinced by this topsy-turvey strategy.”