One opportunity to protect the NHS and build a better Scotland say Yes campaign


  The opportunity Scotland has on September 18 to protect our NHS, free us of nuclear weapons and build a better and fairer country is too good to miss, Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins said today.
Marking one month to go to the referendum vote, Jenkins highlighted what he described as the “one opportunity” for people in Scotland to take their future into their own hands.

With a series of weekend polls showing a significant rise in support for Yes as Scotland moves closer to the historic ballot, Mr Jenkins said success was now within Scotland’s grasp.
He said: “There are just 30 days before we make the decision that will determine the future of our country for generations – and more and more people are realising that only with a Yes vote can we create the kind of country we want for ourselves and our children.
“We have one opportunity to protect our NHS from the impact of Westminster budget cuts and privatisation. We have one opportunity to rid our country of weapons of mass destruction, and we have one opportunity to guarantee we get the governments we vote for every time, not Tory governments at Westminster that we repeatedly reject.
“It is, quite simply, too good an opportunity to miss.”
Mr Jenkins marked the one-month-to-go mark by handing out ‘One Opportunity’ leaflets to commuters outside Glasgow’s Central Station.  He was joined by volunteers and Deacon Blue singer, broadcaster and dedicated independence supporter Ricky Ross who said he was greatly encouraged by the polls showing growing support for a Yes vote.
Ross said: “Like many other people, I am just beginning to realise that our much loved and cherished NHS is at serious risk from continuing Westminster austerity and the effect that  privatisation in England could have on our public health service here in Scotland.

“This is just one more, big reason why we must vote Yes on September 18.
“The opportunities we will have as a nation, and as a people, if we take the decision to control our own future and our own destiny as a normal, wealthy and innovative independent country are truly exciting and exhilarating. Why on earth wouldn’t we grab this with both hands?”
Mr Jenkins said the threat to Scotland’s NHS was becoming ever clearer which was another reason why 37% of people who voted Labour in the 2011 Scottish Parliament election had indicated to pollsters they intended to vote Yes on September 11 – which represents more than 230,000 Labour voters.
He added: “While Labour leaders in Scotland brush aside real fears about the future of the NHS, their Shadow Health spokesman at Westminster Andy Burnham is warning that the NHS in England is in danger of being broken up within a decade because of a privatisation programme that is running rampant south of the border.
“In Scotland, we are rightly protective of our public health service and believe firmly in the founding principle of it being free at the point of need.  But we need the full powers of independence to be able to maintain the full protection it needs.
“A Yes vote is our one big opportunity to do that, to put our priorities first and to realise our aspirations.”

Speaking at a recent Labour party rally, party leader Ed Miliband himself warned that the Conservatives could destroy the NHS in England within five years.

“I believe the NHS will look unrecognisable if they [the Conservatives] have another five years.” said the Labour leader at the event.|300|300{/youtube}