Open Letter to David Cameron, MP


By Dave Taylor

Dear David,

I do hope that you don’t object to my using your first name, but I’m sure that you want to appear as a friend to all those of us who live in Scotland.

Alas, you don’t seem to be very good at that. I’ve emailed you and even invested in a stamp to send you a letter when there was no response, but still you don’t reply.

Perhaps you could let me know how much I would need to donate to the Conservative Party for you to answer a letter? I doubt if I could afford that, of course, as your Chancellor has just cut my tax allowance, so that you and your pals can pay less tax. Not that I’m complaining, of course. Lots of people in England voted Tory, and the LDs throughout GB thought it a really clever wheeze to put you into No 10 and George Osborne into No 11. That’s democracy – UK style – and we just have to accept those consequences if we remain part of the UK.

As I said to you, in both email and letter, my point wasn’t “the matter of most importance”, but the fact that you appeared in Edinburgh behind a lectern bearing the English version of the UK coat of arms was disrespectful to Scotland, and warranted an apology.

I even quoted to you the view of the Lyon Court that this was wrong and should not be repeated.

It may well be that the concept of “respect” that you learned at school is different from the one that I taught to generations of children at my local school. If so, I would have to disrespect the education that you received. To pay so much for so little may have been an unwise choice that your parents made.

Your error wasn’t the end of the world (though it may contribute to the end of the world as you know it). However, wise people are willing to admit to their ignorance/incompetence. Saying “sorry” is a mark of strength, not weakness. Being unable to do so suggests that you don’t have the qualities required to govern a state that includes Scotland.

There was a delightful irony in your declaration at Troon that “the Saltire is the flag of a proud nation – not the symbol of one party” while you stood in front of a large Union flag. That you probably don’t understand the irony is one of the many reasons why your party languishes so far behind in Scotland.

Yours sincerely (but certainly not faithfully)

Dave Taylor