Organisations urged to engage with Christie Commission


Finance Secretary John Swinney today urged organisations and individuals across Scotland to engage with the Christie Commission as it reviews the future of Scotland’s public services in the context of funding cuts by Westminster.

The Commission has issued a call for evidence. Mr Swinney said:

“Despite the severity and scale of the cuts Scotland faces from Westminster, we remain ambitious for Scotland’s public services. The Scottish Government is determined to ensure these services which we all hold so dear, continue to be delivered in a manner that keeps the social fabric of Scotland intact.

“That is why we have set up the Christie Commission and it is why I hope organisations and individuals across Scotland respond fully to the call for evidence.

“By engaging with this agenda across Scottish society, I believe we can all make an important contribution to ensuring the Commission has the comprehensive evidence base needed to complete its task.”

A final member of the Commission has also been appointed after the STUC nominated Eddie Reilly, formerly the PCS convener. This has been agreed and he will join the other members of the commission already appointed.

In November, First Minister Alex Salmond launched the Commission to examine how Scotland’s public services can be delivered in future to secure improved outcomes for communities across the country.

The Commission is chaired by Dr Campbell Christie CBE, former General Secretary of the STUC and President of Scottish Council for Development and Industry since December 2009.