The Campaign – A Quick Summary


We go to the polls tomorrow, but how has the campaign gone? ….

We go to the polls tomorrow, but how has the campaign gone?  Well, here’s our pick of the moments that may have influenced the election outcome – one way or another.

First Our Prediction:
Lab 33%
SNP 28%
LD 24%
Con 15%

Let’s wait and see shall we.

Biggest casualty:
Jim Murphy’s is the most likely.  A high profile in this campaign may have cost him his seat – too many gaffes.  Murphy is OK as a spokesman in front of a compliant media but his stint under scrutiny found him wanting as was demonstrated on the BBC’s Scottish Leaders Debate when he lost his composure when facing questions on his expenses.

Concerned Onlookers:
YouGov, who’s polling has tended to show Labour with very big leads, the smallest lead being 12 points in the final poll.  If the SNP pull Labour back to within the ten point range then the polling organisations methodology may well be called into question again.

Campaign Low Points
The use of the Dunblane massacre by Labour and Tory politicians was abhorrent – as was its use within some sections of the Scottish media.  They brought shame on themselves.

The exclusion of the SNP and Plaid from TV debates broadcast to the nations they govern was disgraceful.

Party Highs:
Alex Salmond’s two debate appearances showed just why the SNP had been barred from the UK debates.  The raising of the funds for the court case from ordinary Scots was breathtaking and raised public awareness of the shortcomings of the BBC in Scotland.

Cameron’s third debate performance gave him the momentum to take middle England.

Clegg’s debate appearance alone ensured that the profile of the LibDems reached levels never before known.

Sadly there was little about their campaign that shone.  Their ‘highlight’ was probably the exclusion of Alex Salmond from the UK debates; the SNP are Labour’s biggest rival in Scotland and Labour’s Scottish campaign was even worse than the one in England, so Salmond’s enforced absence was a boon.

Most memorable moment:
Bigot-gate, no question.

Funniest headline/story:
The Daily Record stating that Jim Murphy had ‘trounced’ the others in the final BBC Scottish leaders debate.  Murphy was joint last with David Mundell according to an online poll of viewers, his 7% contrasting with Alex Salmond’s 76%.