Ousted SNP hopeful Craig Murray explains his case

Ex ambassador Craig Murray

Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador at the centre of an SNP selection controversy, explained his case to Derek Bateman in an exclusive interview today.

Ex ambassador Craig Murray
Ex ambassador Craig Murray

Murray’s rejection as a potential SNP candidate for the Westminster election next May – revealed on Newsnet.scot at the weekend – sparked controversy both within and outside the party.

Labour sought to exploit his comments about the selection process after the story was picked up by Scottish newspapers.

The SNP hasn’t been drawn publicly into the controversy, but many activists have discussed Murray’s situation on social media. While many believe party discipline is important and that this is a case of a potential candidate complaining simply because he lost out, some others have argued that there should be room for dissident voices.

Whatever your view, Murray’s discomfort has prompted debate, as the parties gear up for what is likely to be a ferocious UK campaign.

His interview presents his point of view, so that listeners can decide for themselves.

Craig Murray is a celebrated whistle-blower who lost his role as the UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan after becoming concerned about reports of torture being carried out by authorities in the capital, Tashkent, on behalf of the CIA and its “war on terror”.

Murray lost his job after accusing then Foreign Secretary Jack Straw of being aware of the allegations but doing nothing about them.