Out of touch



A funny thought occurred to me the other day when I was watching Mike Russell put on a fighting display on Newsnight Scotland on iplayer.

I was thinking about Scotland and how far we have moved on in just a few years.

When I grew up in the 70s and 80s there was a definite and palpable feeling of inferiority, negativity and pessimism inherent in most Scots.  I don’t think this was surprising considering all the top jobs in Scotland were held by English people or Anglicised Scots and when you switched on the radio or television, you mostly heard English voices.  People were embarrassed about anything Scottish, be it tartan, music, shortbread or whisky and our culture stagnated.  I know many of my fellow pupils left Scotland and have stayed away.

Oh how things have changed!  Scottish culture is very different now.

Our whisky industry is going from strength to strength and is a source of pride for us all, our music has come alive and is now developing once more through lots of young people playing it, studying it and composing new material, and I am talking about traditional music, bagpipes, fiddle and clarsach all of which have become ‘cool’ to play. 

Tartan has become fashionable again with new creativity and ideas, I expect most of us were quite proud to see the Pope wearing a bit of tartan on his visit here!  Scottish food and drink has become equated with quality once more and the range of sports and leisure activities available to us in our vast countryside is huge.  People are starting to appreciate the wealth of history and culture we have on our doorstep, the Scottish Natural Heritage campaign brought in huge numbers of people to join and visit our historical sites.

I have not even mentioned our politics yet!  I am very proud of our SNP politicians.  They have shown that Scotland CAN do what every other nation does politically (without looking to London for ideas) and they have a good team headed by a great leader.

Which brings me back to the thought I had the other day, and this is it.  

Are the presenters and journalists at BBC Scotland caught in a time warp?  

They seem to be unaware that Scotland has moved on, that we are no longer apologetic for ourselves, no longer feel bad about ourselves and actually Scotland is doing just fine.  They continue (single-handedly?) the tradition of the Scottish cringe, the deference to London, the putting down of our culture, the negativity about anything positive.  

Well BBC Scotland can I say to you, take a look around you, venture out of your bubble and open your minds.  Scotland is no longer what you portray it as.  You have lost touch and are veering way off course.  Time for a change of heart, move with the times, and start to see where Scotland is at now.  The time for your negativity is over, we are no longer interested.  

I look forward to the day when our news broadcasters and presenters start to speak of Scotland with a sense of pride and optimism and celebrate all that is good about Scotland.

We deserve nothing less.