Outrage as Glasgow Labour accused of duplicity over hospital campaign


by a Newsnet reporter

An SNP MSP has reacted furiously after the Labour party in Glasgow backed a campaign to save a hospital their own council leader had moved to close.

An outraged James Dornan (pictured) has pointed out that it was Labour’s own Council leader Gordon Matheson who personally moved the council motion in favour of the closure.  Mr Matheson also voted against SNP efforts to halt the closure.

Proposals to close the Lightburn Hospital in the east end of the city were voted through by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde today and will now be sent to the Scottish Government.

James Dornan MSP said: “The threatened closure of the Lightburn Hospital has brought out the very worst of Labour.  It is this kind of empty gesture that has left so many people in Glasgow disheartened with the Labour party.

“The process which has brought us here started on Labour’s watch in Holyrood in 2002.  In November 2010, Labour’s Glasgow leader Gordon Matheson personally proposed that the Council support closure of the facility and was backed by Labour Cllrs across the board.

“Labour even rejected SNP proposals for fuller consultation on the issue pushing ahead with approval of the closure plan.”

Mr Dornan described Labour’s track record on hospital closures as “appaling” and added:

“For Labour  to now call for the retention of the hospital smacks of the highest duplicity.  To deceive the people of the east end in such a way simply confirms Glasgow Labour’s contempt for the people of this great city.”