£435m of fish landed in Scotland in 2010


The new Scottish sea fish statistics for last year show 367,000 tonnes of Fish worth £435m was landed in Scotland in 2010.

The Scottish Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, the Environment and Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead said the Scottish fleet had enjoyed another successful year despite “extremely challenging times”.

A total of 2,150 fishing boats were based in Scotland last year – the smallest fleet ever recorded – and the number of fishermen fell by 4% to 5,218.

Importantly, even though the catch value decreased from £443m in 2009 to £435m in Scotland in 2010 there was a 16,000 tonnes increase in the weight of fish landed and the price of fish increased.

Mr Lochhead said: “Scotland’s fisheries sector plays a vital role in our economy and it’s heartening that today’s statistics show the value of landings remains high.  These statistics highlight the crucial role that Scotland’s fishing fleet plays in the country’s economy”