Papers being selective


Hugh McDougall

East Kilbride


The New Labour candidate for East Kilbride and Strathaven [Michael McCann] – an acolyte of the ‘disgraced’ Adam Ingram – appears almost weekly in the two East Kilbride local papers, either in photo shoots or in articles extolling how good he is.


I have been informed that the SNP candidate [John McKenna] is a fireman and my point is that to the best of my knowledge his Agent has not managed to get his name in any of these papers.


Why not?


I have been in touch with the New Labour candidate after he posted an election leaflet and I am not surprised that he is/was in favour of the Iraq invasion, the invasion of Afghanistan, Trident and its renewal and the 10p rate cut from the tax bands.


He also supported the most recent decision by Darling to increase the annual state pension only on the basic element even though it has always been calculated on the three elements of the state pension.


By the way, with regard to this last point I contacted Joan Bakewell who was appointed by the government as champion of the elderly – with staff to go with it – and she did not know what I was on about.