Pat Kane backs SNP record as party launches cultural manifesto


by G.A.Ponsonby

A re-elected SNP Government will continue to support Scottish arts and culture, the SNP’s Culture Minster Fiona Hyslop has pledged.

Ms Hyslop was responding to the news that the party had received backing for its achievements in the creative industries from Pat Kane – musician, member of Hue and Cry, writer and broadcaster.

The backing from the Coatbridge based artist came on the day the SNP published its mini-manifesto  “A Creative Scotland” that sets out some of the key policies for Scotland’s cultural and creative sectors.

The manifesto has been launched alongside a video blog from Pat Kane on Scotland’s cultural successes and the work of Scotland’s artists.

In the video blog Pat Kane reflects on the arts in Scotland over the last four years saying :

“I think people have felt even more confident to take the society to task, to push for higher standards because they know the country has a robust, ambitious Government at the top.

“I think artists kind of flourish in a society they feel they can properly tilt against because they can take it.

“I think a confident Scotland generates lively arts and I think that’s been the record of the last four years.”

Here’s what he had to say:

The manifesto includes

  • A £50 million youth talent initiative to support young creative talent across the arts and a national centre for Scotland’s youth companies
  • A New Music Scotland initiative to support new talent
  • Expanding the Edingburgh Expo and Made in Scotland funds which promote Scottish shows and performances at Edinburgh’s festivals and overseas
  • A new film investors night at the Edinburgh and Glasgow film festivals to boost Scottish film making
  • A National book week from 2012

Culture Minister Fiona Hyslop said:

“I have no doubt that the next five years are years of great potential.

“Scotland can and will flourish and our artistic communities have a central role to play as cultural champions at home and around the world.

“Our arts and cultural scene is thriving despite financial challenges and we are being recognised around the world for the work of our national companies, our new musicians and our innovative artists.

“Scotland has a lot to celebrate and by supporting new young talent we can help the next generation of actors, musicians and artists to shine.”