Podcast: An economist’s view of oil, fracking, the Scottish economy and Europe

Prof Mike Danson

These are complicated times for political addicts. What is happening to the price of oil, and what does it mean for the North Sea industry and the Scottish economy. Is fracking a great idea, or totally unacceptable as we strive for low carbon living? And what on earth is going on in the EU referendum campaign.

To discuss all this and more – and hopefully gain some insight to guide the way ahead – Newsnet Radio host Derek Bateman turned to Professor Mike Danson, a leading academic and specialist in enterprise economics at Heriot Watt University.

Mike has made particular studies of oil economics, and also of self-employment and small business, and he has some especially cogent points about the way ahead for Scotland, and the pitfalls of our current political debate.

As ever, their chat makes for a fascinating listen…click on the audio file above, or download by searching for Newsnet.scot on iTunes or your favourite source.

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