Podcast: In British politics, the chaos plays on


So, two English by-elections. Labour lose a safe seat to the Tories but fight off UKIP to retain another one. Jeremy Corbyn lives to fight another day, before his seemingly inevitable defeat at the hands of Theresa May.

Is that the real scenario? Where are the Lib Dems? And what does it all mean for Scottish politics, if anything? Kezia Dugdale is in Perth cajoling her party into readiness to fight the SNP in a second independence referendum.

One of Scotland’s keenest academic observers of politics, Glasgow University’s Professor  Murray Pittock, dropped into the Newsnet studio to consider the week’s events with podcast host Derek Bateman. The result is a crisp analysis of where we stand right now, within the context of Brexit, the collapse of Scottish Labour, the independence campaign and Westminster’s imperial mindset.

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