Podcast: Days of chaos on planet Britannia

Peter Arnott

What’s all the fuss about? Priti Patel drops in on, er, 12 meetings while on “holiday” in Israel, including a friendly chat with the local prime Minister and before she knows it people are making a fuss and insisting she comes back early from a business trip to Kenya.

Derek Bateman

It’s enough to make the ambitious International Development Secretary give up her job. Oh wait, she has.

Then there’s dear old Boris, blundering through a statement that may condemn a British citizen to even more time in an Iranian jail. But never mind her, think of those nasty Remoaners trying to land poor Boris in the shite with the boss (whoever that is).

In a week of glorious celebration for Scots everywhere, marking the anniversary when one of our own won the race to the White House and became President-elect McTrump, Derek Bateman invited writer and playwright Peter Arnott and TV producer Maurice Smith to the studio to chew everything over. You can tune in to their resultant indigestion now.

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