Podcast: Economics, democracy and the chattering classes


This week’s podcast is a wide ranging discussion that starts with the theory of economic democracy and takes the listener into more blunt analysis of where Scotland and Britain stand in the UK election campaign.

Derek Bateman

Prof Andy Cumbers, a specialist in regional political economy, is part of a team that has been working on building an international league of economic democracy. Perhaps not surprisingly, Denmark comes top.

Prof Cumbers (above right) joined Derek Bateman and regular contributor, playwright and author Peter Arnott, who chewed over another grim week in British public life, overshadowed as it was by the murder of 22 people and maiming of any more by a suicide bomber in the foyer of a Manchester concert venue.

What happens between now and election day on May 8? It seems (if YouGov polling is correct) that Theresa May has turned an unassailable lead of 20 points into a nail-biter. Can Corbyn catch her? Or is this just another poll of the type that claimed a late surge to Yes in September 2014? Whatever, there may even be a chance that this election might turn out to be interesting after all…

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