Podcast: Elliot Bulmer on the need for a Scots constitution


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon may be planning a “reset” on Scottish independence, but what does that mean for those who support the idea? Is it a campaigning reset, mainly to do with the timing of a second referendum, or something more fundamental?

Dr Elliot Bulmer

Dr Elliot Bulmer, former research director of the Constitutional Commission, argues that the drawing up of a formal constitution for a proposed independent Scotland would be a good place to start. He believes that without a written vision for how a future Scotland might be run, people will continue to struggle with the concepts behind the independence argument.

Speaking to podcast host Derek Bateman from his current base in Amsterdam, Bulmer – who authored “A Model Constitution for Scotland: Making Democracy Work in an Independent State” – states the case for a formal approach to independence.

[This interview was conducted via Skype and the results may sound a little compressed]

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