Podcast: The Euro debate and how it might impact on politics in Scotland


The European referendum and its impact on Scottish politics dominated this weekend’s Newsnet Radio podcast, when presenter Derek Bateman was joined by Glasgow University political scientist Dr Thomas Lundberg and Nationalist MSP Sandra White.

Derek Bateman
Derek Bateman

The Euro-debate threatens to swamp this May’s elections to Holyrood — as well as others in Wales, Northern Ireland, London and the English regions — as the various parties gird themselves for the coming months of debate.

And while that will frustrate Scots, there is no doubt that the European campaign could be of vital importance to Scottish politics. Do we share similar views to the rest of the UK when it comes to staying inside or outside the European Union? Would a vote for ‘Brexit’ really lead to greater demands for another Scottish independence referendum (IndyRef2)?

In a free ranging conversation covering City protectionism and council housing in Glasgow, Thomas, Sandra and Derek discuss the various issues at both levels – European and Scottish – and attempt to resolve the dilemmas facing politicians and voters alike.

The podcast was discussed on Friday Feb 26th. You can listen by clicking on the audio file above.

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