Podcast: Ex-MP Eric Joyce on Scotland, England, Labour and independence


Eric Joyce, once one of the rising stars of an ascendant Labour Party, could be a man haunted by his own failings and his remarkable fall from grace and departure from politics after a serious of drink related incidents.

Eric Joyce 1Joyce, a former Army officer and MP for Falkirk West for 15 years, has been rebuilding his life after a long-expected exit from parliament last year. His time of reflection, and the Brexit vote, has led to a  developing support for an independent Scotland.

The former MP visited the Newsnet studios to meet podcast host Derek Bateman for a free ranging discussion of Brexit and Scottish independence, covering issues such as the future structure of the military, the role of Scotland as a continuing EU member, and the “new norm” that favours independence over other constitutional solutions.

He points out: “I literally do not know any of my friends who don’t think that Scotland should be looking very seriously at independence, and most of them are Labour people. People in England are thinking why should Scotland want to go along with a Brexit under the Tories, when they could stay in Europe?”

He believes an independence referendum must happen before Theresa May presents a fait accompli to the electorate in 2020. Joyce described Labour in Scotland as “headless chickens” and believes leader Kezia Dugdale has taken on the job too soon. It is another fascinating listen, so click on the audio file above or download in the usual way.

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