Podcast: First reactions to Theresa May’s self inflicted poll


Well well well…. welcome to 1974 or thereabouts. A dithering Tory PM. Undue influence awarded to a belligerent set of Ulster Unionists. Europe. Where to go next…

Maurice Smith

In the wake of the election result, three weary chaps gathered at Newsnet HQ to chew it all over and spit out some analysis. We invited others, but some threw sickies and others found paying jobs in the studios of the major broadcasters who probably paid them in curly sandwiches and coffee sludge.

Regular host Derek Bateman was joined by the redoubtable Prof Murray Pittock (pictured, top)and journalist and documentary producer Maurice Smith. Here’s the trio’s first take on what it all means for Treeza, Nicla and everyone else….

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