Podcast: What future for the Corbyn Left within Labour, and in Scotland?


Brexit aside, the Labour leadership battle has become the second internal psycho drama to grip a political party over recent weeks. Jeremy Corbyn has been forced to face new contender Owen Smith this summer, as the fight for Labour’s soul has spilled into the public domain.

Rhea Wolfson
Rhea Wolfson

The Corbyn phenomenon seemed to stop at the border last year, as the Left winger swept to power across the UK backed in part by a youthful movement of new members who have swollen Labour’s ranks to more than 500,000. In Scotland, however, Labour’s fortunes have been rather different, as new leader Kezia Dugdale struggled to define the party position post the 2014 referendum.

So what next? Podcast stand-in host Maurice Smith invited up and coming Labour figure Rhea Wolfson into the studio, taking a brief break on Friday from her current campaign to be elected to her party’s national executive (NEC). Rhea, co-chair of Scottish Labour’s Young Socialists, GMB branch secretary and a prominent Scottish “Corbynista”, discussed Donald Trump, Indyref 1 & 2, Brexit and the future of the Labour Party – in Scotland as well as the UK.

The resulting conversation reflects some of the thinking going on within Labour’s Left, represented by Momentum, which is backing Rhea’s NEC campaign. Listen now by clicking on the audio file above, or downloading from your normal source.

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[Derek Bateman is away]