Podcast: Hail to our tartan Chief, an’ a’ that


Exciting, isn’t it? Only a few days now before the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, and de facto “leader of the free world”, Donald Trump.

It has a great ring to it, no? A second generation Scot who made it good, only decades after he emerged in New York to sup on a big, beautiful silver spoon held around his tiny hands by his proud Lewis mommy. It’s enough to warm the blood of even the coldest-hearted Jock…surely?

Peter Geoghegan
Peter Geoghegan

How we’ll marvel at this son of Scots soil as he proudly takes the oath of office, watched by a captive audience worldwide, attended by his able manservant Nigel McFarage, head of the Clan McFarage….

OK, OK, you’ve brought up your porridge and choked on an oatcake.

Podcast host Derek Bateman welcomed ex-politician and keen observer of politics Steven Purcell and journalist and lecturer Peter Geoghegan to chew the fat this week, covering the Trump election. Plus fake news, and of course the Russians, the British, the media, the Labour leadership, the plight of lazy liberals, the Mondeo drivers, the Blairites, the Irish, the Northern Irish,  the Brexiters….in fact (almost) the lot.

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