Podcast: The heady, giddy and dismal days of post-Brexit politics



What on earth is going on? That is probably the question asked most often since the UK’s unexpected pro Brexit vote, which has thrown British politics into chaos and witnessed a bizarre Westminster version of Game of Thrones.

Derek Bateman
Derek Bateman

Presenter Derek Bateman was joined by author and playwright Peter Arnott and journalist Maurice Smith as they attempted to assess the fall-out, make sense of what it all means for Scotland, the UK and Europe, in a week where First Minister Nicola Sturgeon appeared to be the only politician to emerge from last week’s vote with a sense of purpose.

As Tory grandees pick each other off, as England comes to terms with the social cost of Brexit (and the whole UK contemplates the economic cost), our trio get to work about what may or may not happen next. It’s a fascinating listen, and we’re publishing it as quick as possible – in case something else happens soon!

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