Podcast: Jez, Kez and Brexit, from fracking to football


What a busy news week it’s been. From Jeremy Corbyn’s massive leadership election victory (and all its consequences for Labour north and south of the Border) to the latest on Brexit, plus the arrival of US shale gas at Grangemouth and the revival of the fracking debate, the media old and new have been keeping very busy indeed.

angela-300916Podcast host Derek Bateman responded by inviting Angela Haggerty, left, editor of Common Space, and producer and columnist Maurice Smith into the Newsnet studio to chat about the week’s events. What does international trade secretary Liam Fox actually mean when he talks about “free trade” post Brexit? Does the SNP really oppose fracking, or does it risk being hoist by its own petard in the economics v environment debate? Where does Kezia Dugdale go now? And… er, OK this won’t appeal to everyone, but how important was that Celtic v Manchester City draw in the Champions League (with apologies to non- football fans).

It’s a lively discussion with plenty of forthright views, and essential listening for everyone engaged in Scottish politics.

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