Podcast: On “lazy” journalism and a scandalous council sale


John Nicolson MP, the scourge of those Scottish political journalists whom he derided as “lazy”, stepped into the Newsnet Radio studio to explain what really happened to our podcast host Derek Bateman.

John Nicolson MP
John Nicolson MP

In a wide-ranging interview, the East Dunbartonshire MP discusses his dismay at coverage of the so-called “Daisley affair” involving a writer at STV’s digital arm, plus life as one of the “SNP 56” at Westminster.

Nicolson insists that his criticism was aimed at the intellectual laziness of some journalists, rather than whether or not they work hard, as some have claimed.

The conversation covers Theresa May’s performance on Brexit, the campaign to pardon gay men for historical “offences” that are no longer illegal in British law, and the scandal of the sale of Thomas Muir’s former home in East Dunbartonshire, whose council has spurned the opportunity of help from a team led by one of the UK’s most noted architectural historians.

As ever, it’s a great listen.

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