Podcast: Making sense of the electoral fall-out

Robin McAlpine

A week on from the election that everyone won (and lost) and its implications are becoming clear. The UK is virtually leadership, the Tories continue attempting to cobble a deal with the DUP and in Scotland there is much debate about the future direction of the independence movement.

Derek Bateman

Robin McAlpine (main picture), head of the think tank Common Weal, arrived at Planet Newsnet to discuss all this and more with podcast host Derek Bateman (left) and journalist and TV producer Maurice Smith.

McAlpine has been involved in the publication of various papers that envisage how a future independent Scotland might work. He believes independence needs broad support before a second poll is called. A fascinating discussion of the options facing Scotland, and the Scottish parties, in the wake of an extraordinary election campaign that failed to resolve the UK’s political position, only days before Brexit negotiations with the EU are supposed to begin.

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