Podcast: Where next for the independence movement?

Robin McAlpine

What next for the Scottish independence movement? With support apparently stalled in the polls, indy still runs high in terms of public support — higher, indeed, than current support for the Scottish National Party?

Derek Bateman

The loss of 21 SNP seats, and the apparent surge that favoured the Tories especially in north east Scotland, came as a blow. But is it really that great a setback, when considered against the greater scheme of Scottish politics and where it might be headed?

Robin McAlpine, director of the left think-tank Common Weal, arrived in the Newsnet studio to chew over the current situation with our regular host, Derek Bateman. What does it mean for the pro-independence movement, and where could constitutional politics turn next? Above all, he urges a new form of conversation with those who have been opposed to change. It makes for a fascinating discussion.

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