Podcast: Onward march of simplistic election politics


Halfway through the general election campaign, the various party manifestos slipping into the public consciousness, and the opinion polls remain largely unchanged.

Derek Bateman

Is the UK sleepwalking towards a massive Tory majority? Are their Scottish bedfellows going to consolidate the opposition vote north of the Border? What on earth is Labour up to? How are the SNP responding to all this?

And if the Tories win, will they interpret victory as good reason to fend off a second independence poll, or even to diminish Scottish devolution?

Podcast regular host Derek Bateman summoned the collective opinions of journalists and commentators Angela Haggerty, editor of Common Space and Sunday Herald columnist, and Maurice Smith, TV producer and media commentator, to make some sense of it all.

We’re not sure if the idea worked, but the result is a worthwhile listen as the trio examine the various party positions in a campaign whose outcome may seem inevitable, but whose detail remains murky and difficult to discern.

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