Podcast: Pat Kane says it’s time for Scotland to tack left


A vote for modernity and defining our own path. That’s how self-described “musician, writer, thinker and pest” Pat Kane describes the independence vote Scotland might have had back in 2014 as he reflects on all that has happened since.

Pat Kane
Pat Kane

He warns that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government risk being sucked into what he describes as “the Brexit maw”, and somehow misses the boat on achieving a better future for Scotland as they grapple with Westminster’s confused and all-encompassing relationship with Europe.

Pat discusses Scotland’s Brexit dilemma with podcast host Derek Bateman covering the risks facing Scottish universities, cultural life and   modern outlook in a broad discussion. He calls on Scottish political leaders to be bold and provide people with a powerful and persuasive vision of the future, via Scottish independence.

But he also insists that the SNP must tack to the left, and deliver policies from the left, to succeed. “The case for independence can’t just be about making us a cosmopolitan home for the talented of the world but about taking control of public works to deal with endemic poverty issues that have plagued Scotland since the 1970s,” he believes.

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