Podcast: Patrick Grady MP on that Brexit ‘debate’

Patrick Grady MP

Well, if Scotland was under any illusions about its place in the “Mother of Parliaments”, they were shattered during the past week’s bizarre days and nights of debate on the triggering of Brexit under Theresa May’s Tory Government.

That’s certainly the view of the SNP MPs who filed 50 varied and ultimately unsuccessful amendments to the government’s Bill, itself presented only after Mrs May was forced to do so by the Supreme Court. The Government response was – to say the least – hostile.

Glasgow North MP Patrick Grady visited the Newsnet Radio studio to recount his week in Parliament, and the impressions he gained, to our regular podcast host, Derek Bateman. This was a week where Scottish interests on Europe were cast aside by a Government bent on a so-called “hard Brexit”, and unwilling to make exceptions for Scotland. The independent Fraser of Allander Institute estimates that a hard Brexit will cost 80,000 Scottish jobs. So the question for Scottish MPs now is: What next?

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