Podcast: Persecuting the poor and suppressing opinion


The bizarre and disappointing end to the once-celebrated Greater Maryhill Food Bank takes centre stage during our latest podcast, as we take a look at the broader issue of Tory attacks on welfare and the poor.

The Maryhill food bank, never popular with Glasgow City Council, closed this week after what appears to be a concerted campaign by officials who criticised the way it was run. The council earned negative headlines two years ago when it tried to hit the food bank with rates charges, and relationships did not improve since then. The food bank earned support from many schools, charities and action groups, but it fell foul of council auditors and lost official support as a result.

Former food bank head Julie Webster visited our studios to present her side of the story. She’s joined by the Scottish Greens’ Zara Kitson, a podcast regular who is running for office in Glasgow in May’s Scottish elections.

The two women discuss with Derek Bateman the impact of the referendum campaign on public awareness of politics, and the whole level of debate in Scotland.

The podcast was recorded on Thursday, March 17. Listen to it by playing the audio file above.

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