Podcast: When politics stops making sense

Peter Arnott and Angela Haggerty

It is July, but not quite the silly season. We invited two of Scottish politics’ keenest observers to the Newsnet studio to chew over everything – well, most things – that have been going on over recent weeks. Let’s just say it covers Russian honeytraps, quotes The Godfather and speculates on everything from world domination to fake news.

Maurice Smith

Top Scottish author and playwright Peter Arnott and journalist Angela Haggerty, both pictured above, joined this week’s host, Maurice Smith, left, in a discussion that covered Trump and the Russians, Brexit and even what comes next for the Scottish independence campaign, in the light of Nicola Sturgeon’s coming “re-set”.

Amazingly, they failed to mention Th*re*a M*y, Britain’s zombie PM. But no doubt we’ll catch up with greetin’ Theresa another time.

All in all, it’s a fascinating listen.

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