Podcast: Populist politics and the media. Discuss.


Sometimes on Newsnet Radio we use our weekend podcasts to reflect on political events near and far, using that landscape to compare and contrast with the situation here in Scotland.

This week the conversation ranged across US, British, Irish and Scottish politics. A few familiar characters popped up, from Donald Trump to Tony Blair, to the leaderships of Ulster’s Democratic Unionist Party to

Podcast host Derek Bateman was joined by CommonSpace editor and Sunday Herald columnist Angela Haggerty and Adam Ramsay (left), Scottish-based co-editor of openDemocracy UK. This week Adam helped break  a fascinating story about Leave campaign funding being channeled via the DUP, a revelation that has been taken up during the current Northern Ireland Assembly election campaign.

Adam, Angela and Derek reflected on the current national and international tensions involving populist politics and the media. In a week when Trump spent 77 minutes in a media conference condemning “the media” for not reporting his “facts”, that tension has entered centre-stage. Journalism is undergoing a rebirth both in the mainstream and newer alternative versions, thanks to the surge in political populism and the need to check facts and lies, but funding is an ongoing issue.

All this and more when you tune in to Newsnet Radio.

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