Podcast: Scottish media through the looking glass



Two familiar faces returned to the Newsnet studio this week, to discuss the future of Scottish journalism, the direction taken by Scottish politics, Europe and much more.

Derek Bateman
Derek Bateman

Steven Purcell, best known as the former leader of Glasgow City Council and now a consultant and commentator, rejoins presenter Derek Bateman for the first time this year. Steven discusses the widespread anger of ordinary voters across Europe and the US in the wake of the banking crisis, and how that is being felt across the political spectrum.

Derek and Steven took up the discussion with Common Space editor and podcast regular Angela Haggerty. She has been celebrating her pending return as a Sunday Herald columnist, reinstated this weekend, after a controversial axing last month.

The political scene is heating up in Scotland, where the Holyrood elections are looming. And that is against the backdrop of David Cameron’s EU negotiations, and the real prospect of a snap referendum of British membership which took place as soon as June this year.

How is all this being reported? What is the role of PR managers and spin doctors? How is the media coping with its own economic and existential crises and its role as public watchdog? And what is the role of our new media?

The discussion involves three people with different experiences of the media and politics, and makes for a great weekend listen.

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