Podcast: What next for Scottish politics?


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Steven Purcell! Here at Newsnet Studios we have been waiting Steven’s arrival for some time since the June general election. And although it took a while, we think it’s been worth it.

Derek Bateman

Why Steven? Well the former leading Labour figureBrexit was the first to say on this medium that Jeremy Corbyn would astound the critics, and also that the SNP would lose seats in the north east of Scotland. Podcast host Derek Bateman invited Scottish politics’ very own clairvoyant to come and share his analysis of the scene, and discuss what next for Scotland. Derek and Steven are joined by journalist and producer Maurice Smith.

Is British politics re-aligning? How many Yes voters from 2014 are swayed by the Corbyn message? Can Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP win back seats lost to the Tories? Might the fall-out from Brexit still have a few twists and turns that might help or hinder the independence cause? How on earth are the Tories still in power?

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