Podcast: Simon Pia on old Labour habits and his conversion to Yes


What makes a former Labour Party spin doctor make the decision to support Scottish independence? Simon Pia, once close to Better Together leader Alistair Darling and other leading party figures, has concluded that Scotland must take the leap, and he is ready to support a second referendum.

Simon Pia
Simon Pia

He visited our podcast studio to explain the reasoning behind his decision to host Derek Bateman, citing Labour’s disengagement from its voters and supporters. Simon, former journalist and now a regular broadcast pundit, believes Labour has no-one to blame but itself for the predicament.

He explains the dilemmas facing many Labour members and supporters, both at UK level and in Scotland. He reflects on some of his work for the party, and what happened as its support went into decline. And he admits he voted “no” in 2014 with a heavy heart.

This is an open and forthright chat that reflects the heart of a Labour supporters unease with Scottish politics, and the journey that many are on, one way or another on the constitutional road.

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