Podcast special: Post poll pondering from our top team of pundits

Angela, James and Steven contemplate who's going to unravel the cable spaghetti before the podcast can begin

By a Newsnet.scot reporter

So everybody lost and everybody won, as is usually claimed in the aftermath of every poll. Our team of experts gathered at the Newsnet Radio studio after very little sleep to share their views of winners, losers, uppers and downers with host Derek Bateman.

Producer Amanda Mitchell takes on the unravelling job as we get ready to record
Producer Amanda Mitchell takes on the unravelling job as we get ready to record

The big loser, of course was Labour. Under leader Kezia Dugdale, the party slumped to third place in the polls. The SNP won an unprecedented third term, but leader Nicola Sturgeon was narrowly denied an overall majority, which means her administration will have to do deals with other parties to get key decisions approved at Holyrood over the coming five years.

Chris Silver joined later
Chris Silver joined later

The Greens progressed, although not as far as they had hoped, as all those SNP second votes piled up, not only to their benefit but also that of the Tories, who shocked most observers by reaching a clear second place.

What does it all mean for the governance of Scotland, for each party and even  for the UK? Scottish politics continues to deliver surprises and it really does seem to soon to say what any of this means for the cause of Scottish independence.

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