Podcast: Tommy’s journey from Labour mainstream to SNP


It is being billed as one of the most polite campaigns of recent politics. Chris , Angus Robertson Tommy Sheppard and Alyn Smith have been traversing the nation at hustings among the Scottish National Party’s 120,000 members, debating which of them should be the next SNP deputy leader.

Tommy Sheppard MP
Tommy Sheppard MP

The contest, brought about by the abrupt departure of Stewart Hosie in early summer, brings together four candidates of different politics and backgrounds. Each has a different vision for the way the job should be done, as the party gears up for “interesting times” following the UK referendum on Europe.

Tommy Sheppard, who wants to strengthen the SNP’s organisational skills, visited the Newsnet studio to meet podcast regular host Derek Bateman and discuss the campaign, as well as his own personal journey from Labour to SNP.

Tommy was a full time organiser for the Labour Party in Scotland during the 1990s, but left the party in 2001. He joined the SNP in the wake of the 2014 referendum, during which he had campaigned for Yes and rekindled his enthusiasm for politics.

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