Podcast: Tory Brexit election and what it means for Scotland


It’s hard to run a weekly political podcast and ignore the fact that Scotland has two elections to undergo over the coming weeks.

Derek Bateman

Scottish council elections are next Thursday (May 4), rapidly overshadowed by Theresa May’s long-denied “snap election” of June 8. Scottish academic Dr Peter Lynch, who previously wrote a history of the SNP, visited the Newsnet studio to chew over the meaning of it all with regular host Derek Bateman.

Should we mock Mrs May for all those times she said there would be no election before the fixed term date of 2020? Or should we admire her political instincts, striking when Labour is 20 points behind in the polls and UKIP seem to be imploding in England? Either way, her handling of Scotland has been poor, and nationalists have been enraged by the sayings and rings of her Scottish party leader, Ruth Davidson. “Who’s going to vote Tory in Scotland in 2017?” asked Peter. “It’s the people who are most vehement in their opposition to independence.”

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