Podcast: Whose expectations will the SNP seek to fulfil after May 5 ..?


With fewer than three weeks to go, the manifestos published and excitement beginning to mount, the Scottish parliamentary elections are hotting up and commentators are beginning to look beyond May 5 to consider the shape of Holyrood.

Will the SNP win an outright majority, as expected? Does its manifesto promise good government rather than a second referendum? Should Scots worry about a third SNP terms and that fabled “one party state” supposedly feared by the right wing press?

As Yes supporters battle it out over the SNP’s campaign for a “one-two” vote, or whether other parties such as the Greens, or RISE or others should get an opportunity to shine, this must be the first time in a while that one side is trying to carve up the result before a vote has been cast.

Derek Bateman’s guests, author and playwright Peter Arnott and journalist Maurice Smith chew over all this and more, as the podcast turns its mind to examining possible outcomes from the election, and what it all might mean for Scottish politics over the five years ahead.

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