Podcast: Working as an MP in these turbulent times


This week’s keyword is “turbulent”. Brexit, Trump, you name it. Turbulent politics and politicians. A turbulent electorate and the social fall-out of the economy, immigration and the rest.

Podcast host Maurice Smith invited Chris Stephens, MP for Glasgow South-west, to discuss all this, as well as his experience at Westminster. As a member of the SNP’s much-vaunted intake of 56 MPs in the UK election of 2015, as the party rode the crest of a post-refendum surge, he has witnessed a Tory administration “in action” and up close.

The SNP suffered a setback in June 2017, but Stephens – who joined the party as a teenager following Jim Sillars’ stunning Govan by-election victory in 1988 – survived. Here he looks ahead to what today’s politics mean for his constituents, and his party as it attempts to plot the way ahead.

Chris Stephens discusses the challenge facing the SNP in the current issue of Scottish Left Review, and his article can be read here.

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