Podcast: New media, old media, Dublin & Brexit


The media in Scotland, a subject always sure to stir controversy, but one that remains important as Scottish politics demands centre stage attention.

Michael Gray of Common Space & The National
Michael Gray of Common Space & The National

The SNP’s dominance of Holyrood, Brexit, Trump and all the rest of 2016’s political news, means that a diverse, popular, articulate and well resourced media is in great demand; or, it should be.

Instead, the Scottish press continues to struggling with resourcing as the transformation from print to digital continues to be painful.

Meanwhile the broadcast sector remains under intense political scrutiny, as the BBC Royal Charter is renewed and Scotland still waits to find out what that might mean for future TV and radio services north of the Border.

Our regular host Derek Bateman invited journalist Michael Gray, of Common Space and The National, and columnist and producer Maurice Smith into the Newsnet Radio studio to discuss all this and more.

So, is the much reviled “mainstream media” (MSM) actually a “thing” and are people right to attack it so regularly? Does the alternative media provide the antidote? What is the Scottish Parliament’s relationship to the media, and how has it developed over the devolution years?

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