Police examine documents and laptop found near Rebekah Brooks’ home


Police were called last night to examine a bag found in  car park close to the London home of Rebekah Brooks.  The bag is understood to contain a laptop and a number of personal papers.  The bag was discovered by a passer-by and handed into the car park’s security office.

Charles Brooks, husband of Rebekah Brooks, then arrived claiming that the bag belonged to him.  He was unable to prove this, and staff at the car park reported the matter to police.  

According to the Guardian newspaper, within a half hour two marked police cars and a police forensic team were on the scene.  Police are now examining the car park’s CCTV footage in an attempt to discover if cameras recorded who it was who dropped the bag.  Reports of a break in at the Brooks’ home have been discounted.

Mr Brooks asserts that the bag, and the laptop and documents it contains, belong to him and have nothing to do with either his wife or the News International affair.