Poll boost for SNP as referendum consultation published


By G.A.Ponsonby
The SNP has received a boost on the eve of the First Minister unveiling detailed proposals for running the referendum campaign, when a ‘poll of polls’ from last week showed them out in front in UK General election voting intentions.
The nationalists have published analysis of UK General Election polls – amounting to an overall total of 890 people – showing support for the SNP at 37 per cent, up 17 points from the May 2010 General Election.

The figures, revealed on the same day that the Scottish Government publishes its consultation paper on the referendum, showed Labour down to 32% [-7], the Tories at 18% [-3] and Lib Dems at 7% [-12], with other parties on 6%.

The six polls, from the last five days, show the SNP in its strongest-ever position for a UK General Election and come after a barrage of negative attacks on independence and the party’s referendum proposals.

SNP Campaign Director Angus Robertson claimed that the figures proved that Westminster’s referendum ‘bullying’ was turning voters off.

“Only this week all three UK leaders – Miliband, Cameron and Clegg – scored their worst ratings in Scotland.” he said and added: “This is a huge backlash against Westminster bullying and its interfering in attempting to dictate the terms of a referendum.

Mr Robertson accused the London based parties of not understanding Scotland and having no positive vision to match the ambitions of the Scottish people, saying:

“While the UK leaders continue to offer nothing but negativity, the SNP is committed to giving the people of Scotland what they want – a positive vision of our country’s future.

“This combined poll result comes on the eve of the First Minister unveiling detailed proposal for the referendum – making the result even more significant.

“This is a historic moment for Scotland, as we take our country forward in making a compelling case for independence.”

Today the world’s press will gather at Edinburgh Castle as the First Minister reveals the Scottish Government’s consultative proposals for the 2014 referendum.

Around forty international camera crews and seventy journalists from nations including America and China will gather in the castle’s main hall to beam images of the presentation around the world.