Poll indicates growing support for SNP


A survey carried out by UK polling organisation Angus Reid has suggested that the SNP are now breathing down the neck of Iain Gray’s Labour party.

The polling organisation asked 179 Scots who they would support if an election were held tomorrow and the result showed 37% in favour of the SNP with the same number opting for Labour.

The Scottish sample was a sub-set of a much larger UK total and as such will have limited statistical value.  However, that notwithstanding, the results are sure to be welcomed by the SNP and suggest a continuation of the trend that saw a Labour lead of 10% recently cut in half.

The poll was carried out prior to the Labour conference in Oban and it will be interesting to see how Labour’s pledges, that included a rise in council tax, will have affected current standings.  The poll also appeared to indicate that the Scottish Lib Dems may suffer as a result of their parties UK pact with the Tories.

The question asked was:
“If a General Election were held tomorrow, which one of the following parties would you be most likely to support in the constituency?”

The total results were:

  • SNP 37%
  • Lab 37%
  • Con 13%
  • LD 7%