Poll shows Scots unhappy with Tories and prefer SNP to Labour


The latest UK-wide opinion poll confirms a trend that has been apparent in a series of recent polls, which show that Scots prefer to put their trust in the SNP over Labour as their champions against the Conservative-Lib Dem government at Westminster.

The poll from Mori, released yesterday, shows that 39% of Scots would vote SNP in a Westminster General Election with only 35% backing Labour.  This is the second poll this week which shows the SNP to be ahead of Labour in the Westminster voting preferences of the Scottish electorate.  A mere 6% of Scots supported the Conservatives. Lib-Dem support was at just 1%, a dramatic fall in the party’s fortunes since it allied itself to David Cameron’s Conservatives.

Although based on a small subsample, the poll confirms the results of the previous UK-wide poll, published on Sunday and carried out by the polling company ComRes.  This poll showed that 42% of Scots would vote SNP in a Westminster election, compared to only 35% who said they would support Labour.

The Mori poll confirmed the deep suspicion in which Scots view the Prime Minister David Cameron and his party.  70% of Scots were dissatisfied with the Conservative-Lib Dem government, and 66% thought David Cameron was doing a poor job personally.  The Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg did scarcely better, with 63% holding the opinion he was performing badly.  Meanwhile almost half of Scots, 47%, believe that Labour leader Ed Miliband is doing no better.

The polls cast doubt on the ‘different horses for different courses’ theory which held that Scots might be happy to vote SNP for Scottish elections, but would continue to vote Labour at Westminster.  The series of polls recently appears to point to a shift in Scottish opinion, with Scots increasingly likely to view the SNP as the party best placed to protect Scots from the unpopular Conservative political agenda which holds sway in the Westminster Parliament.

Commenting on the results SNP MSP and Business Convener Derek Mackay said: “Whilst these are just small Scottish samples they reflect the surge in support for the SNP at the Holyrood election and in council by-elections across Scotland.

“With fresh elections to local authorities coming up next year and the referendum vote ahead, this continued support is a welcome indication of satisfaction with the SNP’s progress.

“With Scots voters deeply dissatisfied with the UK Government and all UK party leaders it is all the more important to see an SNP Government at Holyrood reflecting Scottish priorities.

“The UK Government is not delivering the economic investment Scots want and its pursuit of policies in England such as NHS privatisation – a move firmly rejected by the SNP – show how far removed the Tory/Lib Dem coalition is from the voters in Scotland.”