Poll shows SNP has strong lead in all sections of society


By a Newsnet reporter

Detailed analysis of the Sunday Times/Real Radio poll by Panelbase shows that the SNP is leading across all age groups, genders, socio-economic groupings and resident types in both the constituency and regional polls for the Scottish Parliament. 

The poll, carried out for the Sunday Times and Real Radio Scotland, surveyed 1,012 adults in Scotland between 11th – 17th July 2012.

The overall poll puts SNP support at 47% in the constituency vote for the Scottish Parliament – a 2% increase since the historic election result of 2011 with the three other parties falling back or remaining static.  Labour were at 32%, the Tories 12% and the LibDems trailing badly at 6%.

The regional vote also puts the SNP up 2% since 2011 on 46% with Labour 18 points behind on 28%, the Tories on 11%, the Greens 2% ahead of the LibDems on 6%, and others on 4%.

The SNP is also ahead of its rivals in every category when the results of the poll are broken down according to socio-economic groups.  The richest and poorest segments of Scottish society both show strong leads for the SNP over their nearest rivals, Labour.

The SNP’s lead is particularly strong amongst the groups characterised as C2 and DE by the pollsters, comprising skilled and unskilled manual workers, and the lowest earners.  These groups were traditionally regarded as forming the core of Labour’s vote in Scotland.

The SNP also maintains a strong lead over its rivals when the results are broken down according to age, gender, and type of home.  Such strong leads for a single party across every polling category is thought to be unprecedented.

Commenting on the poll breakdowns the SNP’s Campaigns Director Angus Robertson MP said:

“The overall result of this poll was already fantastic showing the SNP ahead of its landslide result in 2011.  However to be leading across all age, gender, socio-economic and resident sectors is spectacular.

“The SNP is moving Scotland forward – delivering strong, competent Government in the face of Westminster cuts and this poll shows that people are supporting the SNP for protecting Scotland’s progress.

“This poll shows people in Scotland trust the SNP and have serious doubts about the anti-independence parties.

“The more people look at the kind of country they want Scotland to be the more they realise that the status quo is holding Scotland back.

“They want a better future and it is the SNP offering that option with our commitment to free prescriptions, the implementation of a living wage, retaining police officer numbers at the highest ever levels, free higher education, enhancing childcare provision to be the best in the UK, and delivering record low waiting times.

“The Panelbase results pile more pressure on the anti-independence coalition to spell out what their vision is for Scotland’s constitutional future – the people of Scotland deserve to know what their alternative amounts to.”