Polls show momentum with SNP as conference kicks off


On the eve of the SNP’s first conference following the historic 2011 Scottish Parliament elections the SNP published a polling and election analysis showing that the momentum in Scottish Politics is with Alex Salmond’s team as by-election results, opinion polls and surveys of public attitudes continue to endorse the party.

Since May’s election, opinion polls show the SNP increasing support both at Holyrood and Westminster with an analysis of the Scottish samples for Westminster polls over the past 5 days showing the SNP doubling its vote, putting it seven points ahead of Labour.

The numbers of those satisfied with the First Minister’s performance eclipses every other UK leader.  Mr Salmond has a 62% satisfaction rating with Ed Miliband and David Cameron on 35% and 30% respectively.

Polls also indicate a marked increase in support for both independence and more powers for the Scottish Parliament since the SNP’s re-election as a majority government.  Independence is now the preferred option in Scotland and across the UK.

These results reflect the findings of the recently published Scottish Social Attitudes Survey which show an overwhelming majority of people in Scotland think the Scottish Government should have the most influence over how Scotland is run.

With only months to go before the next full local government elections the SNP’s Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP was in bullish mood and said:

“These are solid results for the SNP – both in polls and in actual elections – and show that the momentum is with the SNP.

“Not only is this good news on the eve of our first post-election conference but it shows we have momentum for next year’s local government elections and that more and more people want to see Scotland move forward to independence.”