Rod Macfarlane

I must admit to being slightly bemused by some of the Polls.

Do they make these up or what?? Yes, I do know that they use differing polling methods.

Some use questionnaires of people in the street; some use the telephone; some use the internet.  They all take a sample size, ideally close to a thousand.  But also important is to get a geographic spread in order to get a balance across the country of people’s views.

Sometimes though, I do wonder – Are they living in lala land? Are people taking the proverbial?

Or more worryingly, in light of some results, are they telling the pollsters the truth?

The Sun newspaper today reports from the most recent YouGov survey of a sample size of 849, that Labour have increased their lead by 5% over the SNP at 40%.  That SNP have fallen 3% down to 21%. Lib Dems up one to 18% and Conservative down 4points to 17%.

Is this poll accurate or deluded?  Are the voters Mad?
Considering Purcell and co and the police investigation into his cronies, the legal aid shenanigans with Divine & partners and The Rodden link to Murphy etc.

Somehow Labour have become more popular??? Am I dreaming all this???  or has Scottish society finally gone mad?

In my personal poll of one I am putting myself down as a ‘Don’t know what the hell is going on!!’