Praise for hospital after inspection


Joint ward rounds to tackle infections at Glasgow’s Victoria Infirmary have been praised by hospital inspectors.  The antimicrobial pharmacist, infectious disease doctor and consultant microbiologist are carrying out the joint ward rounds on the medical and rehabilitation assessment wards.

In general, the report from the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate found that NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde were complying with most of the standards designed to protect patients, staff and visitors from the risk of acquiring an infection.

However the inspectors also found an inconsistent approach to cleaning between the hospital’s three main buildings and called for a number of improvements:

  • Adopting a consistent approach to cleaning across the hospital
  • Ensuring patient equipment is cleaned in accordance with national guidance
  • Better communications between staff regarding maintenance work

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said:

“The Healthcare Environment Inspectorate is very effectively putting Scotland’s hospitals under scrutiny, highlighting good practice as well as areas that must be improved. This process is helping to drive up standards across the country.

“The report into the Victoria Infirmary found a number of positives but also called for various improvements. An action plan has already been drawn up to address these and I know that the health board is working to implement this as a matter of urgency.”

The Healthcare Environment Inspectorate operates independently of the Scottish Government and the NHS boards it inspects. It carries out both planned and unannounced inspections of hospitals. For administrative purposes, it is based within NHS Quality Improvement Scotland.

The inspection at the Victoria Infirmary was carried out on November 3 and 4.